by Kris Kehr

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jeffrey koslosky All great. Guitar, lyricism, top notch groove! Favorite track: Long Way From Home.
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TELECTRO is Kris Kehr's (pronounced 'CARE') somewhat semi-autobiographical tribute to the album, and hour of music split in half and grouped together as Side A & Side B - influenced by the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd (Animals), Allman Brothers (Eat a Peach), Led Zeppelin (Physical Graffiti), Jimi Hendrix (Electric Ladyland) amongst others, and tied together thematically as well as musically. Kehr produces, writes or co-writes everything here, plays multiple instruments, and sings. Wife Julie & daughter Lily provide vocal enhancement and a cast of musicians support.

Recorded with LOWdOGS bassist Chris Kew & guitarist Scott Murawski and the Magnetic North Project.


released September 28, 2015

A Woobie Cat Production
Chris Kew - additional production
Charlie Borruso/mastering

Kris Kehr/vocals, harp, electric & acoustic guitar, banjolin, mandolin & bass
Julie Kehr/harmony vocals
Cory Heller/piano & organ
Chris Kew/electric & upright acoustic bass
Zak Achenbach/drums

Scott Murawski/electric guitar
Anthony Hannigan/fiddle
Bill Stetz/upright acoustic basses
Bob Coons/electric guitar
Ray Hoffman/electric bass
Zack Roth/electric guitar



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Kris Kehr Reading, Pennsylvania

Kris Kehr is a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from the Berks County area of Pennsylvania and head of his own Woobie Cat Records. He produces or co-produces albums of his own material in the Roots/Americana music formats, as well as a regular music blog called Black Mountain Underground for Woobie Cat Productions. ... more

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Track Name: Traveling
I was traveling, just moving along
Everything seemed to be fine
I was rambling, way past the dawn
And then rolling along down the line

I got to wondering how, and where I went wrong
When I sat down to take in my time
‘Cuz it was happening now, and it was all very strong
And it seemed to be strangling my mind

Now there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a good set of wheels
And a fire burning down below
But when you’re in and you’re wired into how you should feel
The scenery starts moving too slow

So I was traveling light, and at a pretty good pace,
Sowing my oats in the field
But I was wondering why I was losing the race
When I reached down to grab hold the wheel
I’m too sensitive or so I’ve been told
But that’s what they wanted to see
They kept testing it and it got pretty old
So I went where I needed to be

Everything is nothing and life is a joke
Laughing is half the way there
But no one is laughing when it goes up in smoke
And nothing and no one is spared

It was all eminent, just a matter of time
An oncoming fixture of fate
They were ending it with a similar mind
And the same predilection to hate

It got permanent, goaded by age as a
Pillar to life on a limb
But like firmament, eroding away
Lost to the rain and the wind

Well time catches up and beauty is lost
We all will go down by & by
But as I’m getting older I’m learning the cost
Of a lifetime of saying goodbyes

So I was traveling on, still singing my song
Trying to keep it in time
I was rambling along, I was already gone
I was already far down the line
Track Name: Poison in the Well
Big ball of fire out on the highway between the Freebird and the bay
That’s when I started realizing we weren’t all travelin’ towards the same place
It was poison in the well, shadows ‘cross the floor
Once it’s gone it’s gone and you can’t get it back no more
It used to be so sweet but now it just seems rotten to the core

It started out like all the others did with some faded hopes and narrowed dreams
I found out the hard way people keep it hid and really nothing’s as it seems
It was poison in the well, the moment when it changed
You wake up one fine day to find your whole life rearranged
There hasn’t been clean water since the heavy rains fell
You better not get thirsty when there’s poison in the well

Things just don’t turn out the way you want them to be, and things like that don’t ever change
On best behavior through chaff for the wheat, harvest comes and things get strange
Cuz there was poison in the well and the seeds all went to rust
Relying on the promise just to overlook the trust
I once knew who my friends were but it’s got too hard to tell
You never see it comin’ when there’s poison in the well

I can look back now and try to make some sense of a thousand times where there was none
It was big old disaster in the present tense; it was reckless abandon for the long run
Yeah there was poison in the well, the wolves were at the door
Something in the shadows I had never felt before
I used to call it home but I don’t think I can go back anymore

It was poison in the well, like losing innocence
Kinda happened gradually ‘til one day it was spent
Tried holding it together but it all just went to hell
Nothing is for certain when there’s poison in the well
Track Name: Long Way From Home
I’m a long way from home
Ain’t no place to call my own
I was traveling hard and put away wet
Long way from home but I’ll get there yet

I didn’t know where I was going wrong
Thought I was planting righteous seeds
I guess I took things just a bit too far
And lost the grip on what I need


Lost at the crossroads on a one-way turn
Things got too difficult to see
Not many choices that I had not burned
It made no difference to me


Mixed-up confusion always lit my way
Yet somehow always brought me home
I walked in circles ‘til I faced your way
Sucked in your black-hole vertigo


I crossed the demarcation long ago
Kept drifting further out to sea
The sun is setting on some distant shore
My love lies waiting there for me
Track Name: Anymore
I still remember how you used to call my name
Forever after nothing seems to be the same
Too much time spent out staring at the sun
Lost the trail and lost the way
I still remember when you used to know my name

Just an illusion, was it ever real at all?
From fits of laughter to the drown of teardrops fall
I shouldn’t worry about the way that things are
And beat my head against the wall
It’s just an illusion, it was never real at all

Have you ever heard that sound?
The sound you make when you take that fall
And there’s no one else around
No one left to help you up at all anymore

The windows rattle as the winds begin to howl
The darkness gathers and the rain comes pouring down
It doesn’t matter where you hang your head
‘Cuz it will find you anyhow
The windows rattle as the winds begin to howl

Some seek redemption after losing all control
But best intentions will not satisfy the soul
Like inspiration when it flies out through the night
And you have to follow where it goes
Chasing redemption past the dark end of the road


Down in the bottom I kept wondering what it means
I found finding answers isn’t always what it seems
It all started whirling around inside of my head
Was it a curse or remedy?
Down in the bottom I was halfway in between

Have you ever heard that sound?
The sound it makes when you take that fall
You pick yourself up off the ground
‘Cuz there’s no one left to help you up at all
Have you ever heard that sound?
The sound it makes breakin’ through that wall
Tear it all down to the ground
Cuz you don’t need no ones help at all anymore
Track Name: Shining Through
Time is tight and time is flying
Flying right but I keep on trying holding on
As time goes flying by

But the time is right I keep on finding
Finding right where I was trying to hold on
Holding on to time

Fools rush in where shadows fear to tread
I rode that line wherever that it led
I just kept driving on & on & on & on & on

Shine a light & keep on shining
Shine it bright and keep on finding where you are
As time goes flying by

But night will fall all around you
Keeps you still and where it found you in the light
When the day turns into night

Darkness shines like a mirror to the soul
Looking in on all those miles on the road
Too much time spent wondering where the whole thing goes

Here we are in the moment
Time has passed and keeps on rolling down the line
Further down the line

A warm embrace, a sudden smile
I see your face through the miles, there you are
I've been waiting a long time

Misdirection wherever that I turned
Cross those bridges just to stop & watch them burn
It’s a long & twisted dirty road that leads back home

Daylight breaks and finds me staring
At the door and I can barely stand the light
Shining in my eyes

Watching out from my castle on the hill
Many years I've wasted there until
I’ve seen your face come shining through
And found my way back home to you