from by Kris Kehr



-This started out as more of a rocker when Magnetic North Project started playing it early on but became more layered and textured before it was committed to tape. The song was always about questioning the road taken, what it’s shown and where it’s taking me, and through rewrites detailed how the romance about it can get tarnished, or worse…


I was traveling, just moving along
Everything seemed to be fine
I was rambling, way past the dawn
And then rolling along down the line

I got to wondering how, and where I went wrong
When I sat down to take in my time
‘Cuz it was happening now, and it was all very strong
And it seemed to be strangling my mind

Now there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a good set of wheels
And a fire burning down below
But when you’re in and you’re wired into how you should feel
The scenery starts moving too slow

So I was traveling light, and at a pretty good pace,
Sowing my oats in the field
But I was wondering why I was losing the race
When I reached down to grab hold the wheel
I’m too sensitive or so I’ve been told
But that’s what they wanted to see
They kept testing it and it got pretty old
So I went where I needed to be

Everything is nothing and life is a joke
Laughing is half the way there
But no one is laughing when it goes up in smoke
And nothing and no one is spared

It was all eminent, just a matter of time
An oncoming fixture of fate
They were ending it with a similar mind
And the same predilection to hate

It got permanent, goaded by age as a
Pillar to life on a limb
But like firmament, eroding away
Lost to the rain and the wind

Well time catches up and beauty is lost
We all will go down by & by
But as I’m getting older I’m learning the cost
Of a lifetime of saying goodbyes

So I was traveling on, still singing my song
Trying to keep it in time
I was rambling along, I was already gone
I was already far down the line


from Telectro, released September 28, 2015
written by Kris Kehr

Kris Kehr/vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar & banjolin
Cory Heller/organ
Chris Kew/upright acoustic bass
Zak Achenbach/drums



all rights reserved


Kris Kehr Reading, Pennsylvania

Kris Kehr is a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from the Berks County area of Pennsylvania and head of his own Woobie Cat Records. He produces or co-produces albums of his own material in the Roots/Americana music formats, as well as a regular music blog called Black Mountain Underground for Woobie Cat Productions. ... more

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