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This is an updated and very different version of a song I used to do with Stone Poets back in State College days. It originally had a more singular focal point but this rewrite peers from a much different angle, more in line with where I'm at these days in the universe of this album.


I still remember how you used to call my name
Forever after nothing seems to be the same
Too much time spent out staring at the sun
Lost the trail and lost the way
I still remember when you used to know my name

Just an illusion, was it ever real at all?
From fits of laughter to the drown of teardrops fall
I shouldn’t worry about the way that things are
And beat my head against the wall
It’s just an illusion, it was never real at all

Have you ever heard that sound?
The sound you make when you take that fall
And there’s no one else around
No one left to help you up at all anymore

The windows rattle as the winds begin to howl
The darkness gathers and the rain comes pouring down
It doesn’t matter where you hang your head
‘Cuz it will find you anyhow
The windows rattle as the winds begin to howl

Some seek redemption after losing all control
But best intentions will not satisfy the soul
Like inspiration when it flies out through the night
And you have to follow where it goes
Chasing redemption past the dark end of the road


Down in the bottom I kept wondering what it means
I found finding answers isn’t always what it seems
It all started whirling around inside of my head
Was it a curse or remedy?
Down in the bottom I was halfway in between

Have you ever heard that sound?
The sound it makes when you take that fall
You pick yourself up off the ground
‘Cuz there’s no one left to help you up at all
Have you ever heard that sound?
The sound it makes breakin’ through that wall
Tear it all down to the ground
Cuz you don’t need no ones help at all anymore


from Telectro, released September 28, 2015
Kris Kehr/vocals, electric guitars & harp
Julie Kehr/vocals
Scott Murawski/electric guitar
Cory Heller/piano
Chris Kew/electric bass
Zak Achenbach/drums



all rights reserved


Kris Kehr Reading, Pennsylvania

Kris Kehr is a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from the Berks County area of Pennsylvania and head of his own Woobie Cat Records. He produces or co-produces albums of his own material in the Roots/Americana music formats, as well as a regular music blog called Black Mountain Underground for Woobie Cat Productions. ... more

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