Lowdogs - In The Tall Grass

by Lowdogs

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CD Available at www.kriskehr.com/store

This album was recorded on the road during Lowdogs brief yet productive life. It is a collection of live performances representing Kris Kehrs' songwriting & guitar work as well as Chris Kew's electric bass prowess, with the added help from some very talented friends (that includes the live mixers). The album digital download includes 36 minutes of new live material, including 3 unreleased originals.


released December 31, 2004

Recorded live to 2 track at-
Godfrey Daniels Coffeehouse/Bethlehem, PA - 10/23/04
-live mix by Dave Reichard/Sweetwood Sound
The Century Lounge/Providence, RI - 10/28/04
-live mix by Mark Costa
WJFF Studios/Jeffersonville, NY - 10/29/04
-mixed by Dan Liola/recorded by Bob Wherman
WDIY Studios/Bethlehem, PA - 6/6/05
mixed & recorded by Otto Bost/Folk Dude Productions
Sam's Uptown Cafe/Charleston, WV - 11/12/04
-mixed & recorded by Kris Kehr
Editing & Mastering by Frank Green/DigitalMaster.com
Artwork & Design by Ron Plummer/Hawthorne Design
Produced by Lowdogs
Extra Tracks Produced by Kris Kehr/Woobie Cat Productions
Kris Kehr - 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars, harmonica & vocals
Chris Kew - electric bass & vocals
Scott Murawski - electric guitar (tracks 6-8)
Greg Vasso - drums (tracks 6-8)
Billy Constable - banjo (track 14)
www.lowdogs.com - maintained by Folk Dude Productions/Otto Bost



all rights reserved


Kris Kehr Reading, Pennsylvania

Kris Kehr is a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from the Berks County area of Pennsylvania and head of his own Woobie Cat Records. He produces or co-produces albums of his own material in the Roots/Americana music formats, as well as a regular music blog called Black Mountain Underground for Woobie Cat Productions. ... more

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Track Name: Why Do We Doubt Love?
Why must it always come to this
I can’t help feeling I got last along the way
I get so close and yet I miss
I close my eyes to find that everything has changed when I awake

I don’t know, I can’t tell
Are we in limbo, we’ve come so far to get here
These things keep piling up wherever I stand still
And understand them, I wonder if we ever will

I’ve been on the inside looking out
And I’ve been surrounded by the most precious things in life
I’ve felt the darkness and its doubt
And never once have I held these things too tight

And I wonder where we’re gonna be
In a country home, raising up a family
Or all these things might crumble in the wind
Honey, take my hand and make love with me once again

Why do we doubt love?
In the face of everything that’s wrong
Why do we doubt love?

I’ve seen your show and read your book
I know how that turned out; I’ve seen it all before
We’ve both been hurt and both been shook
We both know what it feels like to reach up towards the sky and just let go

Is this happening, can it all be real
Look into my eyes and tell me how you feel
And if we endeavor to climb the mountain full
Will you stay with me there until we both grow old?

Why do we doubt love?
When we have so little in this life
Why do we doubt love?
In the face of everything that’s right
Why do we doubt love?
Track Name: The Little Things
I’d like to meet you after school
We could play awhile, wouldn’t that be cool?
Take a walk, talk about things
But don’t tell the guys, that’d ruin everything

I caught a snake down by the stream
Didn’t mean to scare you, didn’t mean to make you scream
It’s just another part of me
Something dark, something you were bound to see

I caught you peeking out your window
You mama said you didn’t wanna play no more
And I cried, oh how I cried

It’s the little things that count
Like the sun going down
Then on comes the night
But then the morning rolls around

I remember you shuffling through the leaves
Bright blue sky above the autumn trees
Every year those leaves come down
And every time they do, I’m still standing around

I saw you out on a winter’s day
Over by the stream, you wished I could play
And you cried, oh how you cried
repeat chorus-
Track Name: Our Dreams Back Then
Riding through the night
driving through the towns where we were born
kingdoms and countries, conquering that wild golden shore
proud and tall, walking with our backs against the wind
don’t mind me
I’m just thinking 'bout our dreams back then

out there on the range our hearts played against all the strings
we might have gone too far but that really shouldn't hurt us in the end
summer of summers, love of loves again
that was something, my friend
yeah, I’m talking 'bout our dreams back then

no more losing
no more looking back again
no more need for control, boys
it all will work out in the end
I will follow through the valley
for I am following the wind
those were the days, boys
I'm just talking 'bout our dreams back then

I'll give you my promise, I'll give you my word
a badge of honor and a friendship earned
understanding- a family where dreams are learned
I got lost again
I was thinking 'bout our dreams back then


down every broken highway
running down every broken dream
where every broken promise is lying on a pile there to see
I will always love you make no mistake about that, friend
I just get a little woozy remembering our dreams back then

Track Name: To The Sea
Where was the last time
Where could she be
When was the last time
She kissed my cheek

Over the mountain
Under the sun
Down in the valley
Where the river runs

Oh, cross the river
Oh, cross the sea

Ride on the river
There in midstream
Hold to your own course
Ride to the sea

Oh, cross the river
Oh, cross the sea

I know where she’s smiling
There by the bay
Watching the sunset
At the end of her day

Oh, cross the river
Oh, cross the sea
Oh, cross the river
Oh, to the sea
Track Name: Alaskan Fishing Boat Blues
I’ve got fifteen pounds of trouble strattling my back
I spent fifteen day s in a Texas jail
I ain’t ever going back
I ain’t ever going back and I ain’t ever going home
I’ve spent fifteen years out walkin’
I spent fifteen years alone

I come from Alabama where it hardly ever snows
And frankly where I’m headed to ain’t anybody knows
Ain’t anybody knows ain’t anybody cares
It’s a long hot road I’m traveling
It could get hotter ‘til I’m there

I traded two weeks on a chain gang for a year on a big white horse
It’s been four years since I’m married and three since I’m divorced
Three since I’m divorced and three since I’m a dad
It’s been three years since I’ve since her
Ain’t nothing felt that bad

The road is getting faster now
I’m traveling up north
I got work there on a fishing boat where I’ll never see the shore
Where I’ll never see the shore and I’ll never see the road
I won’t be wearing put my walkin shoes
I won’t be carrying that load

I’ve got fifteen pounds of trouble strattling my back
I spent fifteen day s in a texas jail
I ain’t ever going back
I ain’t ever going back and i ain’t ever going home
I’ve spent fifteen years out walkin’
I spent fifteen years alone
Track Name: Breakin' Out
Pack your bags and head out on the highway
Leave behind every kind face that you’ve known
I’d tell you now but you’d know that I’d be lying
“Stick around, there’s no place good as home”

I’m sick and tired of the police coming around
Every time i come by your house to pick up all my stuff
I’m gonna point this old guitar towards the western skies
I hope the highway’s long enough

Take it from me,
I’ve seen the inside of this big world spinning ‘round
Wishing I was closer to the clouds
And take it from me,
I’ve been here long enough trying to get up off the ground
Now must be time for breaking out

Some say that running’s not the answer
Like I’m trying to leave it all behind
but if I ever make it full circle
I will have earned what is mine


You know I’ll miss you but I’ll be seeing you again
Somewhere farther down the line
Sometimes when the spirit’s pushed too far, my friend
The only cure is road and wind and time

chorus- (repeat)
Track Name: I Got a Gun (extra track)
I got a gun down in my pocket
I got a big one in my van
I’ll tell you boys I got a gun wherever that I am

* I got a gun
You wanna see?
I gotta a gun good people
wherever I might happen to be

I got a gun down in the cellar
I got a gun out in the yard
I gotta a gun up in the attic
Just to makes things a little hard


I had a gun and went to prison
They snuck one in and now I’m free
I never did understand if
It was him or it was me

Track Name: Build Me a River (extra track)
Let time wash away the troubles I’ve been through
Let time wash away these blues
From the mountain I am sitting on down to the ocean blue
I’ll build me a river to wash away these blues

I’ll build me a river I can call my very own
I’ll build it out of sun and sky and stone
I’ll build me a river I can call my very own
And if it’s mine it’s bound to take me home


Some mornings I wake up and think it’s slipped away
Look around and don’t know what to do
I wish I had something that I could take away
Something to wash away these blues

I left me some troubles back where I come from
I left them there with the rising sun
When back I fly I’ll say goodbye
I’ll keep what I have done
And build me a river to take me to the sun

repeat chorus-
Track Name: Gone Are Those Days (extra track)
Drifting and dreaming and traveling the road
There is no tomorrow, nor memory of home
Taking the chances, fearless and free
Gone are those days I used to see

I had a lover by Westminster way
She had other lovers but still wanted me
I had no other and she had to be free
Gone are those days we used to be

We got lost in the desert and stranded up high
Gone are those days we used to ride

Now I try to keep balance and walk that fine line
Between tomorrow and what I left behind
I’m not always happy with where I’m at
Gone are those days, I’m getting used to that
Gone are those days, I’m getting used to that
Gone are those days
Track Name: What Kind Of Man (extra track)
What kind of man do you think I am – Do you think I’m doing this for free?
I’ve paid you’re price more than just twice - get out the way and let me be
You made those promises along the way for all the backs on which you stand
Show some respect like a real man

What kind of man do you want to be – folks used to love you in this town
But love made them blind, they couldn’t see until you knocked them to the ground
I helped your brother in his darkest hour – too scared to walk without a hand
Show some respect like a real man

Bridge- Go chasing rainbows down a one way street
Leave behind who you love
Turning the pages of their history
While the road keeps rolling along – keeps rolling on

What kind of man lies and cheats, throws his weight around the room
Sure keeps the audiences on their feet but seems to scare them off too soon
They gave you everything you have, you know – you took some more then turned and ran
Show some respect like a real man

What kind of man will not reply to his own brothers’ plea
Laughs him away, casts him aside - prefers to shun than to agree
Don’t wag your greedy little finger in my face then trace my footprints in the sand
Show some respect like a real man

Bridge- I saw the same thing happen once before I still don’t know what to do
Start thinking “It won’t happen anymore”
I get blinded by the likes of you – the likes of you

What kind of man will take a stand against what he knows is right
Then stands in the door with his hat in his hand expecting no one asks him why
I wish you all the best of luck in your lives and that you grow some when you can
And show respect like a real man - And show respect like a real man